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Félix de Múrtiga

Luckily, Jabugo exists.

If not, we could not talk about Félix de Múrtiga. Or about its natural surroundings, of meadows, valleys and mountains. Of pastures, streams and oak forests. Of peaks which still feel the far-away coastal breezes; or of their mild temperatures, which in autumn nourish our pigs as they roam the mountains and in winter help cure our hams and cold meats.

Without Jabugo we could not talk about a tradition spanning centuries, or of the unique flavour that has made a name for itself. Such as that of Félix de Múrtiga.

The authenticity of quality.
The quality of authenticity.

Quality is combining today’s techniques with traditional wisdom.

It is preserving artisan tradition through current production processes.
To preserve the best of our products up to their end point.

At Félix de Múrtiga, forty years producing ham and cold meat have taught us to appreciate what is authentic.

With the best ingredients. With the best quality controls.
But, above all, with time, patience and knowledge.