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The brand of tradition

We produce a wide range of Iberian pork products, with traditional recipes. And all under the brand that has made us famous: FÉLIX DE MÚRTIGA.

Acorn-fed Iberian ham, pork shoulder, pork loin. Also chorizo, salchichón, etc. A wide range of products of the highest quality.

And, of course, our core product: Acorn-fed ham 100% iberian PDO Jabugo.

From beginning to end

Everything has a beginning and an end, but what really makes the difference is what happens in between. At Félix de Múrtiga we take care of every detail.

Starting with a meticulous selection of raw materials, followed by an artisanal process of elaboration, curing and storing.

Paying constant attention to each variable and detail involved in the process to guarantee the best product. Care and attention.

Quality as a principle. Quality as our aim.