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The brand of tradition

We produce a wide range of Iberian pork products, with traditional recipes. And all with the brand that has made us famous: FÉLIX DE MÚRTIGA

Acorn-fed Iberian ham, pork shoulder, pork loin. Also chorizo and morcón sausages, “morcilla” black pudding, tenderloins, salchichón salami, etc. A wide range of products, maximum quality.

And, of course, our star product: Félix de Múrtiga Grand Reserve, ham that is cured for 30 months in the mountain air.

and end

Everything has a beginning and an end, but what really marks the difference is what happens in between. At Félix de Múrtiga we pay attention to all the details.

From a meticulous system for choosing the raw ingredients, to the traditional process of production, curing and storing.

Paying attention to the preparation at all times and to each variable that intervenes to guarantee the best product. Care and attentiveness.

Quality as the beginning. And quality as the end.